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Thank you for connecting to my virtual home. My name is Jen and I am here to show you why living your life well is the best choice for you to make, today, tomorrow and everyday.

I am a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Healer and Ayurvedic Consultant.

What is living your life well?

I think it is choosing presence, creating connections, learning, laughing, and lovingly accepting the sequential moments that join together to create your life timeline.

Utilizing years of education, experience and practice within the traditions of Yoga, Reiki & Ayurveda, my mission is to encourage others tap into their natural state of inner peace and courage through self-care, self-empowerment and self-acceptance. I believe firmly in the power of the mind body connection and offer you the keys to fully embrace life’s possibilities in order to live well and thrive.

Clear out the clutter that holds you up or weighs you down. There is nothing more liberating than upgrading your life to YOUR vital and healthy version.

Because, you deserve all that you desire.

Jen Warakomski, E500 RYT & RMT

MY BIO: How I got here? Let’s start with the wellness side of things. I was galvanized by the physical aspects of yoga and healing in 2001 after realizing that I suffered PTSD from witnessing September 11 in New York City. After that world-altering day, I became depressed, anxious and numb.

I threw myself into my work as a designer in the fashion industry and tried many avenues to feel better and heal or, simply ignore the core issues I was facing. My answer randomly came one day when I stepped onto a yoga mat. For the first time, I could remember in a long time, I could find space between my thoughts. I then started to feel the space with my breath and my body. I grew stronger, physically, emotionally and mentally when I started to understand that I had covered up my happiness with fear and doubt. Through gently unraveling and polishing my body and mind, I began the healing process that changed me forever.

I became committed to living better and learning how to do so. Yoga Studios, Ashrams, Retreat Centers, and especially, my own living room floor in Brooklyn, all became my laboratories for self-exploration.

Without a doubt, it was my wellness practices of Reiki Healing and Yoga that propelled me towards significant personal transformation and devotion. I found a deeper curiosity and happiness that continues to inspire my evolution today.

Fast forward a few years ahead, I had the fortune to leap into owning a yoga studio in downtown Manhattan while I slowly shed my fast-paced corporate fashion career. This decision complimented my studies in my first teacher training and the studio became a haven to experiment amongst various styles and expressions. I will always hold those moments, partners and students as very special and significant. The experience itself has been one of my greatest teachers.

Shortly after closing the studio in 2010 in surrender to the continuing economic crisis, I relocated to the Himalayas in India to continue my advanced yoga studies and complete my Reiki Master certification.

I hold an advanced E-RYT 500 teacher designation from Yoga Alliance and a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Certification. Currently, I mentor and train other teachers and healers, along with facilitating classes, workshops, and retreats in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. I also lead the faculty at the YiYuan International School of Yoga in Beijing, China.  My work has been featured in Origin Magazine, Om Magazine, Yoga Journal Italia, Mantra Magazine, Elephant Journal, and Yoganonymous.

My continuing studies include both new and old traditions with international thought leaders. Most notably, my influences derive from personal direct studentship and training with HH the Dalai Lama, Erich Schiffmann, Yogi Sivadas, Leslie Kaminoff, Jillian Pransky, Carrie Parker-Gasteau, Dharma Mittra, and numerous other teachers in America and India.

I have a passion for wellness that encompasses a holistic healing and lifestyle approach that I love to share with both students and teachers alike.

My philosophy is that Holistic Health can offer a transformational experience for anyone and everyone. Because of my own healing and recovery, I firmly believe in the practices of Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, and Ayurveda.

One or more of these modalities will work for you, wherever you find yourself in life.

Love and pranams to my teachers and students everywhere!


Jen is the best yoga teacher I have come across in over a decade of living in Italy. She has already helped me deepen my practice in significant and important ways. Jen is caring, generous, tranquil, engaging, clear, down-to-earth and relatable, while at the same time extremely professional. One private session of yoga with her feels like getting twenty group classes at another studio. After practicing with her I always feel entirely rejuvenated. I am unspeakably grateful that she is teaching here in Tuscany.

Shilpa - Lucca, Italy

My 7-day retreat experience with Jen Warakomski was one that I will always cherish.  The retreat I attended was held in Tuscany at a property just outside of the city walls of Lucca.  The villa itself was beautiful and serene which created a wonderful atmosphere for an escape and respite from the regular day-to-day activities of our lives.  It also matched Jen’s style of teaching yoga, which is both challenging and relaxing.  Generally speaking, Jen has a very kind and gentle style, which is welcoming for a yoga beginner, but equally challenging for an advanced student.  Her retreat is relevant to anyone looking to attend to his or her physical and mental heath.  The schedule of the retreat was well planned – our schedule had 2 hours ‘active’ yoga in the morning hours and 2 hours of a more relaxing, restorative yoga in the evening.  During the day we went on walks, hiking, biking, or simply read and relaxed during our free time.  In the new and trendy yoga world, there are many yoga teachers, however, I believe that Jen’s interest in yoga is not a fad, but one that she studies and shares with a sincere passion.  She is knowledgeable and has studied yoga from both the physical and mental aspects.  I hope to attend another retreat hosted by Jen and would encourage anyone who is interested to make time for this wonderful experience!

Shelu - Chicago, USA

I loved every single minute of my retreat and classes in Costa Rica. Jen is an amazing teacher with a really positive and soothing energy. The classes were well thought out, had a great flow and excellent music choices! It was my first experience with restorative yoga, and after busy adventurous days in Costa Rica with morning vinyasa, surfing, hiking, it was perfection to take Jen’s restorative class to unwind after the day.  I came back from the retreat feeling more centered, more confident, and happy! I wish I could go on a retreat like this monthly! I plan to attend more of Jen’s retreats in the future, when I can. Since I consider myself new at yoga, Jen’s classes seemed great for all levels. I was totally comfortable the entire class, and she was great walking around helping to adjust and assist students throughout. I would also recommend Jen’s retreats to experienced yoga practitioners, the classes were set up so you could stay in poses or deepen poses accordingly.

Sarah - Los Angeles, California, USA

I participated in a yoga retreat in Costa Rica and had the fortunate opportunity to participate in restorative yoga classes taught by Jen. After each class I felt rejuvenated and inspired. I would highly recommend a retreat or classes with Jen whether you are a new beginner to yoga or already an experienced yoga practitioner.

Lisa - Houston, Texas, USA

Jen’s classes have a connection that allow us to share her gift and her light for yoga. Classes are physically and spiritually rewarding and I would highly recommend them for all levels. I’ve yet to find another teacher that provides the same balance and harmony as Jen. She shines. I am very grateful to have shared her guidance.

Deb - Perth, Australia

What a treat for Jen Warakomski to enter my life! 

After completing my Reiki Level One Training, I felt so much richer in terms of my self awareness.


Anyone can take a Reiki Course, even if you do not have any idea what Reiki is from the beginning. Jen answers everything you ask her about in such a good & understandable style. Her teachings compare the information with things you really can relate to, and it was very easy for me to learn. Her methods also encourage you to ask any kind of questions and leave you hungry to learn even more.


Jen has such a warm personality & desire to make us aware of our own importance in this world, and in this life.


I also attended a private study course in Tuscany with Jen. She created a custom learning program where I could take time to study, practice and also spend time enjoying La Dolce Vita in Tuscany.

No day was the same and I always had time to explore both myself and experience the sites, sounds and tastes of Italy. Jen had scheduled my stay to be “the best of both worlds”-I learned more in depth details about yoga, practiced yoga & meditation daily and also had a vacation!

Even though we live in different countries, Jen continues to keep in touch with me & guide, advise & help me keep going with my practices.  I feel I can reach out to her no matter what. 

Everyone should have “a Jen” in their life.

Emily - Lund, Sweden

I did a retreat with Jen in Tuscany. It was a great week. I could focus all my attention on my yoga practice. Jen is a very precise and attentive teacher. I decided to work on my core and shoulders this week, but I learnt a lot about plenty of other topics to increase my confidence and the effectiveness of my practice. We were encouraged and empowered to address self-care and how to keep this practice with us in daily life. If Jen holds retreats again in Europe, I’ll find the time to participate. I already recommend this week to my friends who know that they should take care of themselves but struggle to make it real in their daily life. I think people with any yoga level can benefit from such a week. Everyone can benefit from a practice that explores more depth, precision and slowing down to balance his or her karma. Jen encourages you to grow. You’ll learn and feel at the right place at the right time. She knows the body very precisely and has very good advice related to injury. She’s very spiritual but suggests that you make your own way. She shows possibilities.

Nathalie - Muri di Bern, Switzerland

After many failed attempts at a consistent yoga routine, I have finally found a class I can and will stick to.  This is due to Jen’s focus, energy, and teaching.  She calmly and gently guides the class through body opening poses all the while reminding us to breathe which is something we all forget to do.  I feel energized, strong, and focused at the end of every session and look forward to the next one instead of dreading yoga as I had in the past.  I also had a Reiki session with Jen.  She expertly addressed the problem areas I was dealing with in my chakras while finding other places on her own to help heal and open that I did not even realize I was dealing with.  Her energy was tangible from the moment she began and I felt electrified and safe all at once under her care.  My biggest issue was a hiccup in my deep breathing and Jen tenderly led me to the issue, helped me address it, and gave me the final push I needed to let it go.  I felt a closure and peace that I had been seeking for quite a while.  I highly recommend Jen’s Reiki sessions with all my self.

Hannah - Berlin, Germany

Jen is such a good teacher for any level of yoga practice. Her approach is very personal and I advanced considerably with her attention to detail. Her classes are very interesting and stimulating. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to do yoga!

Libby - Sydney, Australia

I attended Jen’s Lanzarote Retreat and I had very few expectations of this retreat as I had no knowledge of this island to speak of prior to going there. I have to say the island is beautiful and the yoga with Jen is life changing and inspirational. She not only is a great teacher of the various asanas, she expands your thinking and confidence each time and teaches in such a way that you gain knowledge of yoga and how it has evolved too.

My favourite activity apart from the yoga was the surfing day. We all had so much fun and learnt so much with our wonderful instructor Peppe. The long, straight waves breaking and lapping the shore against the backdrop of the volcanoes was spectacular.

I would highly recommend this retreat in Lanzarote with Jen, it was inspirational and  the landscape also adds an indefinable element that one has to experience for oneself.


Catherine - Lucca, Italy

I truly enjoyed my yoga retreat with Jen.

We had the chance to practice different styles of yoga but there was also a lot of meditiation and personal development. The villa was very nice and the food was excellent. Jen has been looking at all details to make sure we all had a great experience, and I thought the week was very well organized.

As a yoga beginner, there was a lot I could bring home, especially the desire to start practicing regularly. I have a smile in my face whenever I think about the retreat.

Albin - Zurich, Switzerland

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