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I embrace a personal and individualized approach to teaching yoga, which is inspired by my own practice and experience. The framework of my teaching philosophy is that yoga is designed for everyone – regardless of age, body type, or ability.  I teach both Vinyasa and Hatha style classes, and I also specialize in PreNatal & Restorative /  Therapeutic Yoga. 

My classes are designed with focus on breath and alignment while creative sequencing and intensity is crafted to safely suit each student’s experience and energy level.

All students, from beginner to advanced, are encouraged to inform their practice by increasing their awareness and ability to listen and trust their own inner guidance. Read on below to learn more about the “styles” that I practice and teach.




hathayoga is the core asana practice from which all other styles originate.  The term consists of two parts: ha meaning “sun” and tha meaning “moon”. Thus, it is commonly translated as the yoga that brings union “of the pairs of opposites”.

A methodical pace is offered between poses, making the practice suitable for beginners to focus on alignment and presence within the pose.

Intensity and challenge can be offered on many levels because the practice consists of any asana practiced in any style. A hatha yoga practice is informative for newcomers who want to learn the basics, or for seasoned practitioners who enjoy “beginner’s mind” from time to time!




vinyasayoga is suited for those who like to move.

A Vinyasa Yoga sequence consists of movement matched with the breath. Typically, poses are not held for very long as the student will “flow” on the breath from one pose to the next.

Typically, no two of my vinyasa sequences are alike – you can always expect a new, creative and safe sequence that provides your roadmap for your breath-led moving meditation.




restorativeyoga is a wonderful practice that will compliment your other yoga practices or physical endeavors. It is also widely considered a therapeutic practice that can support you in stages of chronic illness, chemo, pre and post-op surgeries, chronic stress, and injury recovery.

Props are used to fully support the body in various shapes in order to release muscular “holding” and encourage a structural softening. The nervous system is allowed the space to rebalance itself, and your body functions at optimum levels, allowing for physical detoxification and restoration. This structural softening will then encourage a greater sense of relaxation and allow the student to access more openness, grounded-ness and healing. 

It is a quieting and healing practice that is also used as a therapeutic yoga technique to address injury or illness.

I often say the practice itself advanced, since poses are held for a long period of time, and one is not physically expressing muscular effort but rather is passively receiving the pose. While it is more easy to flow from one pose to another, or one life event to another, it is so important that we take the time to practice pausing and committing to stillness. This is why it is an advanced practice, and often is a gentle introduction for students looking to deepen their meditation practices.

Essentially, the time we take to deeply relax greatly benefits our health and overall vitality.



prenatalyoga classes are for pregnant women, and can also be attended by partners or friends!

expecting? congratulations! now is the time to enjoy this special journey into pregnancy. Get your stretchy pants ready, hydrate tons, sleep as much as you can, and move your body regularly – prenatal classes are a perfect way to increase mind and body flexibility and stamina.

The poses that are practiced are designed to correlate with the breath and provide overall strengthening that is beneficial for both delivery and post birth when carrying your newborn around.

The focus on breathing and relaxation becomes the primary support tools that are used in delivery to help keep the mind clear and balance the nervous system. This practice provides confidence to mom and builds her physical strength and endurance.